Activities in Oppdal

All Year

Musk Ox Safari

Experience the muskox in it is natural habitat. You are almost guaranteed to see these magnificent animals, which can weigh up to 400 kilos. Take unique pictures and memories to bring back home. Have you ever seen a big brownish rock move? Probably not, but this is what your first encounter with the muskox might seem like. This large and calm hoofed animal blends in almost completely with the surroundings and it is not until it starts to move you realize that you are looking at a living thing. The Muskox is considered to be a peaceful animal, but you will be advised to keep a distance. A muskox safari gives you a unique opportunity to see the muskox at close range. There is also a good chance to see reindeer and mountain grouse during the hike. The experienced guides will also give you insight in the area’s plant- and animal life. The safari is a moderate hike and does not require anything other than a camera and perhaps a pair of binoculars, as well as clothing and shoes suitable for the season and weather.

Availability: Oppdal all year Musk Ox Safari June 9th to September 30th – doesn’t run daily 630 60

Duration: 3 – 7 hours

Includes: Guide, Coffee

Note: You must bring your own lunch and drinks and must have your own rental car. Suitable for people used to hiking.