Aurora Express

A journey from Finland to Sweden and Norway

Discovering the Magic of Lapland

As the tour leader of an unforgettable expedition to the Arctic Circle, our colleague Cécile had the privilege of guiding a group travellers through a mesmerizing journey across Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The adventure began in the enchanting town of Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus, and ended in the Arctic Capital, Tromsø. Here’s a glimpse into their magical journey:

Day 1: Rovaniemi

Our adventure commenced as we arrived in Rovaniemi. A short drive transported us to our first destination, the Vaattunki Wilderness Resort. Nestled amidst the quiet beauty of dense forests and the frozen Raudanjoki river, this resort became our home for the next two nights. The panorama huts, inspired by nature’s building materials, offered us cozy accommodation with stunning views of the surrounding wilderness. Our evening was spent getting acquainted over a delicious dinner.

Day 2: Meeting Santa Claus

The highlight of our second day was undoubtedly the visit to Santa Claus Village. As we made our way to this festive place, dreams and fairytales felt within reach. The village, bustling with excitement and festivity, offered an array of activities. From meeting Santa Claus himself to exploring the enchanting Snowman World. The evening offered an optional electric snowmobile excursion, providing a silent, eco-friendly journey through the snow-covered landscapes, under the starlit Arctic sky.

Day 3: Farewell to Finland

As we bade farewell to Rovaniemi, we set our sights northward, crossing into Sweden. Upon arrival in Jukkasjärvi at the ICEHOEL, we were greeted by the mesmerizing architecture of ice and snow. Our accommodations in the warm Kaamos rooms provided a cozy retreat, with the option for the more adventurous to spend a night in the ice rooms. We also finally spotted some Northern Lights that night.

Day 4: Exploring Swedish Lapland

Our fourth day offered us leisure time to delve into the local culture and landscapes. The pristine wilderness of Jukkasjärvi and Kiruna waited for us, with options for dogsledding adventures. We also met some friendly reindeers and ate delicious meals.

Day 5: The Arctic Route to Norway

The journey continued as we embarked on a scenic train ride from Sweden to Norway, a route that showcased the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic landscapes. Arriving in Narvik, we then continued to Tromsø, known as the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’.

Day 6: Tromsø’s Charms

Tromsø, a city alive with culture and history, offered lots of options for exploration. The Aurora dinner cruise added layers of excitement to our Arctic adventue. What a beautiful way to end this trip.