An unforgettable Kick Off in Helsingborg

This year’s kick off destination was in Helsingborg, Sweden. Our teams from Oslo and Stockholm came together for a unique event that was marked by sustainable travel, a visit to Arilds Vineyard, company presentations, a boat lunch, and exciting team-building activities. Let’s dive into the memorable moments that made our kick-off event a special one.

Eco-Friendly Travel

From the get-go, we made a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment. Instead of taking planes or cars, our colleagues from Oslo and Stockholm chose to travel by bus and train. This not only helped us lessen our carbon footprint but also gave us a chance to bond during the journey. Our choice of eco-friendly travel set the right tone for the entire event.

Wine Tasting at Arilds Vineyard

Our Helsingborg adventure began with a delightful wine tasting at Arilds Vineyard. We got to savour various wines while enjoying the beautiful vineyard views. It was a great way to start our kick-off event, and the wine experts made it an enjoyable experience.

Dinner with a View

After the wine tasting, we headed to our hotel in Helsingborg, which served as our home base for the weekend. The rooftop restaurant at the hotel offered a stunning view of the city for our welcome dinner.

Company Presentation by Anette Karlsson

The next day started with a company presentation led by our CEO, Anette Karlsson. Her leadership and enthusiasm set the stage for a day of inspiration. During the presentation, we welcomed new team members, celebrating our company’s growth. This was an important moment in our company’s journey and made us proud of what we’ve achieved.

Riding the Waves

The day continued with an adventurous boat lunch on a ferry to Helsingör in Denmark. The sea was a bit wavy due to strong winds, but the delicious lunch on board made up for it. It showed our team’s ability to adapt to challenges and work together, even when things get rough.

Free Time and Choices

After lunch, our team had various options for how to spend their afternoon. Some explored Helsingör or Helsingborg, while others relaxed with yoga or in a sauna. This gave everyone a chance to unwind in their own way.

GPS Hunt at Sofiero Castle

The evening’s highlight was a GPS hunt at Sofiero Castle, organized by Kullabergsguide. It was an exciting team-building activity that tested our problem-solving skills. As we explored the beautiful castle grounds, we uncovered clues and had a great time working together to solve the challenges.

Dinner in the Enchanting Orangerie

The grand finale of the evening was dinner in the enchanting Orangerie of Sofiero Castle. The beautiful surroundings added a special touch to the event, and we danced the night away.

Returning back home

Our kick-off event in Helsingborg showcased our company’s values and culture. From eco-friendly travel to wine tasting, company presentations, boat lunches, team-building activities, and elegant dinners, the event was a big success. As our team left on Sunday, there was a strong sense of accomplishment and togetherness. This event not only strengthened our team’s bonds but also left everyone with cherished memories of a weekend filled with camaraderie and adventure. We’re excited for the next chapter in our company’s journey.