Activities at the ICEHOTEL

All Year

Jukkasjärvi Sauna Ritual

Pamper body and soul with the special composed Jukkasjärvi sauna ritual. The sauna has a long tradition in the northern Sweden and the contrasts between hot and cold is said to have wholesome effects, so take the opportunity and use the sauna like a local in Jukkasjärvi Culture Sauna. Do the ten steps in Jukkasjärvi Sauna Ritual and try everything from the sauna, wash yourself with tar soap, take a plunge into Torne River and have a pleasant moment in the heated outdoor bathtubs.

Availability: 18th of April – 30th of November

Duration: 2.5 hours

Includes: A relaxing and wholesome sauna experience in Jukkasjärvi, Culture Sauna, the cradle of the Swedish Sauna Academy and an institution made by enthusiast Kalle Grundberg, Sauna guide who instructs and tells you about the basics of the sauna, Light finger food, Bath towel & bathrobe, Local organic spa-products from C/O Gerd, Jukkasjärvi Sauna Ritual-diploma

Wilderness Dinner

The northernmost part of Sweden is unique with its eight seasons. Enjoy a three-course wilderness dinner inspired by the current season. Taste the season on this delicious dinner experience in the woodlands. You head out to a secluded wilderness camp in a boat or minivan, depending on the season, together with a guide. The northernmost part of Sweden has eight seasons, each with its own characteristics, which inspires the exclusive three-course wilderness dinner made and served by your guide. Enjoy the wonderful flavors of the current season from northern lights in the fall and winter to the midnight sun in the summer.

Availability: 18th of April – 14th of September

Duration: 4 hours

Includes: Transfer, Guidem Pre-dinner aperitif served in the wild, Three course dinner inspired by the current season, Wine package or non alcoholic drink package

Challenge Park

Rise to the challenge in the high-ropes course and experience the treetops from an elevated perspective. Challenge Park is a high-ropes course that features 6 different obstacles from rope bridges and climb-poles to a zipline that reach heights up to 16 meters above ground. The activity starts with a safety-instruction and you get a helmet and a harness that the instructor secures on a rope that goes through the entire course, keeping you safe throughout the challenge. You challenge only yourself and each participant gets to do the course in their own pace, with plenty of room between everyone. You walk between trees on ropes and logs and slowly make your way higher and higher above the forest floor. The course ends on a platform 16 meters above ground from where you take the zipline down on the ground again.

Availability: 15th of May – 15th of October, on request

Duration: 3 hours

Includes: A challenge for body and mind; the highest point is 16 meters above ground but you decide yourself how high you want to climb, Transfer to Challenge Park, Safety trained guide, Equipment (harness and helmet), Hot lingonberry juice

Torne River Rafting

Torne completely untouched through the forest landscape. This tour is more than anything a natural encounter, with small sections of rapids connected by long peaceful stretches of 40 km in total. The legend has it NOKopean river rafting was born in Jukkasjärvi. The tour starts with you putting on a wetsuit, helmet and a lifejacket, followed by a transfer by a traditional riverboat to the rafting boats. You head out on a journey downstream on Torne River, the guide instructing you all the way through both calm and rough waters. Along the way you stop on the island Puonojokk where you are served a lunch over open fire, followed by coffee and Swedish Fika. The guide will talk about the rich history of Torne River and you continue further down the river, through rapids and beautiful forests. Eventually you stop on the riverbank and pull up the rafting boats before heading back to ICEHOTEL by minivan.

Availability: 20th of June – 30th of August, on request

Duration: 7 hours

Includes: Certified rafting guide, Transfer to the rafting boats by traditional river boat, Lunch over open fire at the island Puonojokk, including coffee and Swedish Fika, Loan of wetsuit, helmet and lifejacket, The guide tells you about the history of Torne River, Transfer back to ICEHOTEL