Winter Activities at the Apukka Resort

Apukka Snow & Fun

Huskies, reindeer, snow fun and mini snowmobiles for children! Why choose one single activity when you can have it all? Apukka Snow and Fun is a great way for families and for everyone to have a taste of the best experiences at the Arctic Circle! During the day you’ll get to try many unforgettable things. You get to go on a short sleigh ride with both huskies and reindeer. Try out your skills on snowshoes and cross-country skis and our speciality, ice sculpting. Slide with toboggans – who can make the longest slide? Kids will definitely have fun on the mini snowmobile! During the active day you’ll enjoy a tasty lunch in our authentic restaurant Aitta. To cap off the day, it is time for the grand snow fight!

Duration: 4 hours

Includes: Winter clothing, car transfers, 500m husky safari, husky petting, 500m reindeer safari,lunch, guiding, snow fun, mini skidoo for kids

Husky Adventure

Meet & mush with our howling, furry friends – the huskies of Apukka – on this fun day adventure, including an hour-long safari! Huskies are one of the most loved animals of the north, and you will understand why when you meet the pack at Apukka. You can pet them, pose on photos with them and listen to stories about the lives of the huskies. They absolutely love pulling loads and running on  the trail across the forests. The highlight of the day is the 7–10 km long safari, where you get to be the musher yourself, in other words control the pack of huskies towing the sled.

Duration: 2 hours

Includes: Winter clothing, car transfers, hot drink, guiding, husky petting, 7-10 km husky ride

Aurora Husky Tour

Combine two of the most popular experiences into one amazing adventure. Our energetic & eager huskies will take you on a ride, searching for the Northern Lights. Huskies & Northern Lights – could there be a better combination? We mush through the wilderness to our destination, where we make a fire at a traditional Lappish hut to grill some sausages and sip on warm juice. The chances to see Northern Lights get better and better as the midnight approaches, and with a bit of luck you get to share the special moment with your new furry friends!

Duration: 3 hours

Includes: Winter clothing, car transfers, hot drink, sausage, guiding, husky petting, 7-10 km husky ride

Reindeer Journey

Take a ride to the history as you travel through the snowy forests on a reindeer sleigh. This traditional, arctic way of transportation allows you to experience the peace and purity of the Lappish nature all around you. Following a peaceful pace our reindeer will lead you to a charming Lappish hut in the wilderness. Enjoy hot drinks and a light snack while our friendly reindeer rest for a bit before taking you back. You will return from this trip knowing a lot more than before about the life of the reindeer and the reindeer herders in Finnish Lapland.

Duration: 2 hours

Includes: Winter clothing, car transfers, one-hour reindeer safari, hot drink and light snack

Aurora Hunt on the Snowtrain

Take a ride through the winter wonderland in a warm carriage of our famous Snow train. We head out in the wilderness, away from artificial lights, looking for the Northern Lights. Before heading out, our aurora expert will give you a short presentation about the science and myths behind the Northern Lights. We cross the beautiful snowy landscape to reach a traditional Lappish “kota” tepee deep in the wilderness. We’ll teach you how to build a fire in the arctic and then gather around the blazing bonfire to enjoy some traditional snacks and hot drinks. Our aurora experts will help you with camera settings to best capture the Northern Lights. This excursion is completely focused on the Northern Lights, but you also get to experience the pure snowy forests – the silence and the darkness here will make you feel like part of the nature itself. As the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, nobody can give a 100 % guarantee to see them, but this trip presents an excellent chance!

Duration: 3 hours

Includes: Car transfers, winter clothing, guiding, hot drink and light snack

Meet the Arctic Animals: Rauna Wildlife Park

Meet the famous polar bear family and about 200 other arctic animals of 50 different species at Ranua Zoo, only about an hour’s drive from Rovaniemi. It’s great fun to watch the animals play and feed. Along the 2,8 km park trail you will meet magnificent owls, eagles, otters, beavers, moose, wolves, wolverines, lynx, brown bears, wild boars and many more in their natural habitat with plenty of space. This entertaining and educational day trip is suitable for everyone.

Duration: 4.5 hours

Includes: Winter clothing, car transfers, lunch, guiding

Arctic Sauna Experience

Our special Arctic Sauna Experience is something very unique and worth try for everyone. With one visit you experience the most traditional sauna bathing, but also, you get to try the amazing Ice Sauna! With the guidance of our sauna host you have possibility to try different Finnish sauna types, and finally, get the coolest experience ever – in Apukka Ice Sauna! You will definitely want to take a picture, because otherwise your friend sat home are not going to believe you’ve done it! If you’re brave enough, dip yourself in the deep snow in between the sauna sessions. Changing cold and hot promotes health, it’s true northern wellness.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Includes: Ice sauna and traditional saunas, towels, seat cover, bathrobe, shower