17th of May Celebrations

How Haman Group celebrates Norway’s National Day

Norway’s National Day, the 17th of May, holds a special place in the hearts of Norwegians. It is a day filled with vibrant celebrations that bring communities together in a joyous display of national pride. At Haman Group, the 17th of May is a cherished occasion that embodies the spirit of togetherness and tradition. In this blog post, we will dive into the colorful tapestry of Norway’s National Day and explore how Haman Group embraces this festive day with enthusiasm and fervor.

Haman Group celebrates

Celebrate with Nicole

Nicole truly immerses themselves in the Norwegian spirit, celebrating the 17th of May with full enthusiasm. She gathers with Norwegian friends and her Norwegian spouse, going all out for the occasion. The festivities commence with a splendid champagne breakfast, where cherished moments with loved ones take precedence over the drinks. In the background, they tune in to NRK or TV2, following the parade and preparations at the King’s palace, a tradition upheld for decades. The breakfast features a warm meal, followed by finger foods and a choice between the 17th of May kransekake and the Pavlova cake. To honour their roots, they rely on the beloved Suksessterte recipe, an essential part of the celebration on the west coast. Wearing a traditional bunad adds to the joy, symbolizing pride in their heritage. The day concludes with a sweet treat—ice cream, often available for 10kr throughout the city. Their dedication to embracing Norwegian culture and fostering meaningful connections resonates with Haman Group’s values.

Celebrate with Selina

Selina wholeheartedly embraces the festivities of the 17th of May. Guided by her Norwegian friends, she joins in the celebrations by attending the lively parade, enjoying homemade food, dressing up in traditional attire, and indulging in drinks. Immersed in the vibrant atmosphere, she experiences the unique blend of Norwegian traditions and the warmth of community. When it comes to her favourite 17th of May food, Selina recalls a delightful surprise from last year—a Norwegian version of a hamburger known as Kjøttkake. Selina also shares an interesting aspect of the 17th of May celebrations—the massive parade that takes place in every town, showcasing schoolchildren and culminating with the Russ, the final year high school students. These students don distinct overalls, symbolizing their last year of school before their final exams. The Russ embrace this time as an opportunity to celebrate, often engaging in a month-long series of festivities before facing their academic challenges.

Celebrate with Camille

Camille, a friend of a half-French, half-Norwegian best friend, eagerly joins in the festivities of the 17th of May alongside their extended family in Oslo. They gather at their auntie’s apartment for a brunch at 9 am, savoring the joy of conversations and simple moments. They then embark on a leisurely walk through Vigeland Park, witnessing the vibrant parade on the way. Ice cream and beers add to the celebratory atmosphere as they relish the pleasure of being together. A barbecue follows in the evening, accompanied by more champagne and wine. Their favorite food, pølse i lompe, holds a special place in their hearts. Camille’s experience captures the essence of gathering and enjoying life’s simple pleasures on Norway’s National Day.

Celebrate with Trude

Trude has fond memories of celebrating the 17th of May, Norway’s National Day. As a child, she enjoyed school festivities with games like sack races and wet sponge tosses, accompanied by hot dogs, ice cream, and cake. In her young adult years, Trude embraced a champagne breakfast, attended the lively parade, and indulged in a celebratory dinner at a restaurant. Now as a parent, she joins her children for the parade, followed by a delightful barbecue at home. Throughout it all, Trude emphasizes the importance of dressing up elegantly, preferably in a traditional Norwegian “bunad” costume. She also shares her love for “Dronning Maud Fromasj,” a cherished dessert from Haugesund. Lastly, she highlights how children enjoy unlimited ice creams on this special day, and how encountering someone with the same “bunad” leads to immediate camaraderie.

Celebrate with Emmanuel

Emmanuel, along with his Norwegian friends, celebrates the 17th of May with enthusiasm. They make a special effort to dress up and show their support for Norway. One of Emmanuel’s favourite treats for the occasion is the classic Bløtkake, a delicious Norwegian cake adorned with an abundance of berries. Emmanuel fondly remembers his first 17th of May celebration in Norway, which took place in Tromsø. It was a unique experience for him, as he encountered the Arctic spring, which differed greatly from what he was accustomed to in France. The contrast made the celebration all the more memorable for him. Overall, Emmanuel’s celebrations on the 17th of May revolve around being with friends, dressing up, indulging in Bløtkake, and embracing the distinctiveness of the Norwegian National Day, even drawing inspiration from his first Arctic spring experience.

Celebrate with Eléonore

Eléonore, finds great joy in witnessing her Norwegian friends celebrate the 17th of May, and she eagerly joins them in the festivities. The day begins with a festive breakfast shared with friends, creating a cheerful atmosphere. If the weather permits, Eleonore loves going out to witness the vibrant parade, immersing herself in the lively spirit of the day. Dressing up is an important part of the celebration, allowing everyone to showcase their festive attire. When it comes to her favourite 17th of May food, Eleonore delights in pavlova. This delectable dessert combines a medley of berries, meringue, and whipped cream, resulting in a delightful and sweet treat. The pavlova perfectly complements the festive ambiance and adds to the culinary delights of the day.

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