Wild Autumn

7 nights / 8 days

Ivalo / Karasjok / Honningsvåg / Alta / Sirkka

Ever heard about the Sami people? On this tour you will travel through Finland and Norway, with the chance to get to now more about the northernmost indigenous people of Europe as well as the opportunity to visit the North Cape. You will discover the beautiful nature of these two countries and experience the wonderful peacefulness of silence.

Day 1: Arrival in Ivalo

Arrival at the gateway of the North. Get ready for your adventure of crossing boarders and getting to know the Sami culture.
Accommodation in Ivalo (1 night)


Day 2: Karasjok

Breakfast at the hotel. Today you willl leave Finnland and cross the Norwegian/Finnish border to Karasjok, “the Capital of the Sami People”. Here you will find the Sami parliament and Sápmi (“the land of the Sami”), a Cultural Center where you can learn about the Sami culture and history in an informative and entertaining way.
Accommodation in Karasjok (2 nights)

Day 3: Karasjok

Spend the day to explore Karasjok and learn about the Sami and their culture. Karasjok has around 3 000 inhabitants, and nearly 60 000 reindeers. During the week you can visit the Sami Park, where you will gain first-hand knowledge about the Sami culture, history and mythology in an engaging, informative and entertaining way.

Day 4: Honningsvåg

Today you’ll drive further North to Honningsvåg, where you can visit the North Cape Plateau. Here you will find a viewing platform, souvenir shops, cinema, cafeteria and restaurant. From this point there is nothing but water between you and the North Pole.
Accommodation in Honningsvåg (1 night)

Day 5: Alta

Breakfast at the hotel. Leave the North on your way South for the first time on this tour. Your target destination is the largest town in Norway’s northernmost county: Alta. The area offers forests, mountain plateaus, and coastal landscapes, providing you with many options to spend the day.

Accommodation in Alta (1 night)

Day 6: Sirkka

Breakfast at the hotel. Leave Norway again and drive straight south to Sirkka, crossing Kauto Enjoy the natural beauty of Sirkka with its wildlife and varying terrain. Enjoy the natural beauty of Sirkka with its wildlife and varying terrain.
Accommodation in Sirkka (1 night)

Day 7: Ivalo

Breakfast at the hotel. Head back to Ivalo crossing the beautiful landscape of Finland. Enjoy the silence and wilderness of this amazing countr.
Accommodation in Ivalo (1 night)


Day 8: Departure

Breakfast at the hotel and departure according to your own itinerary.