• Round trip


6 days / 5 nights

Kangerlussuaq – Ilulissat

Greenland is a unique place of many contrasts and extremes. On this tour you will get to know gigantic fjords and see some of the enormous ice sheet that covers Greenland. Get up close to the icebergs on a boat tour and learn about the life far north of the Arctic circle.

Day 1:                              Arrival Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq is located deeply in a fjord 160km of length (Långfjorden). During World War II the town was an American military base. Today, the same airport is used as a crosspoint for air transport in Greenland. There are many musks in this area and you have good chances to see some of them on the way to the hotel.

After check-in you go on an excursion onto the continental ice sheet, about 15 km from Kagerlussuaq. We use 4×4 vehicles and drive as close to the ice as possible. We cross a tundra landscape consisting of arctic desert, mountain lakes and glaciers. Depending on weather conditions, we will even go for a walk all the way to the edge of the ice. On this excursion you have good chances to spot reindeer, arctic foxes, musks and many birds. The tour takes about 5 hours.

Overnight in Kangerlussuaq

Day 2:                             Ilulissat

Fly to the city of icebers, Ilulissat. The flight takes about 45 minutes and, depending on the weather, provides a fascinating view over the landscape and the ice fjord.

Ilulissat means iceberg in Greenlandic. That is not surprising when you visit the town. Ilulissat is located beautifully in the mouth of the 50km long ice fjord. The Kangia glacier fills the fjord with huge ice bergs. On the entire northern hemisphere, this glacier produces the most ice.

Ilulissat (Jakobshavn) was founded 1741 and is today Greenland’s third biggest town with about 5000 inhabitants. On a city walk, your guide tells you the story of the city, about Greenlandic culture and today’s life 300km north of the arctic circle. We visit the fishermen in the harbour and the traders on the “Krempe”, the local market for the town’s hunters and fishers. We walk through the old colonial part of town, past the birthplace of Knud Rasmussen and the old wooden church , the Zion’s church.

Overnight in Ilulissat

Day 3:                              Boat tour on the ice fjord

The boat tour on the ice fjord takes place in the shining midnight sun, which provides a fantastic illumination of the ice bergs. The ice bergs come from the glacier Kangia, which produces 20 million tons of ice every day, the whole year! The result are enormous icebergs rising up to 100 metres above sea level. On this boat tour you experience this impressive natural event up close. We come close enough to the icebergs to really understand how big they actually are. Otherwise it is difficult to judge the size because there are no reference points in the landscape. The boat tour takes about 2,5 hours.

Overnight in Ilulissat

Day 4:                             Optional activities

This day is free for you to decide what you would like to do. We will gladly help you with further excursions. We recommend a visit to a dog farm, where you see the Greenlandic sledge dog and hear a presentation about the dogs, hunting and food culture. Or maybe you would like to go paddling between the icebergs? This is a perfect opportunity to experience the quiet nature and get up close to the ice.

Overnight in Ilulissat

Day 5:                             Hike to Sermermiut

We go on an easy hike of 2km to the old settlement Sermermiut, which is beautifully located by the ice fjord with a fascinating view. If you want, we can also do an extended tour of 4-5km. The area was already inhabited 4000 years ago and it is still possible to distinguish remains from this age such as ruins and inuit graves.

Overnight in Ilulissat

Day 6:                             Departure

You fly back to Copenhagen via Kangerlussuaq