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Baltics and Russia – Haman Scandinavia

Estonia – Tallinn


The Estonian capital is a modern city with a medieval atmosphere. Due to the solid protection of the widely still preserved defensive wall the medieval city centre outlived times almost without major damage. This is why you can still admire the same churches, places, towers and the houses with its pointed gables, as your ancestors did in the Middle Ages. Just a stone’s throw away is the business centre with all comforts of the modern world. In addition Tallinn is a green capital with a coastline that invites for promenades at sandy beaches. Today Tallinn is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Latvia – Riga

Riga is the largest of all three Baltic capitals. Here you can find 800 years of history that shaped the capital of Latvia and gives us a cosmopolitan city with influences from eastern and northern Europe. Riga offers the world’s richest collections of Art Nouveau. Appreciate the amazing architecture while enjoying some of the really delicious local products in a cafe or on a park bench. Today Riga is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site

Lithuania – Vilnius

The capital of Lithuania is a charming medieval town which heart is Europes largest baroque old town. Vilnius is characterized by numerous churches, museums and galleries as well as the typical cobblestones and narrow alleys. It’s a compact city where you easily can reach most sights on foot.  Today Vilnius is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

St Petersburg

St Petersburg

The former capital of Russia is nowadays known for the greatest art museum in Russia, the Hermitage. Since the city is located along the Newa river, it is recommended to enjoy a city tour by boat on the river. You will also get a nice view of the city if you arrive by ferry or cruise ship. The city’s rich history has created splendid buildings that are unique and attract numerous amounts of people to visit.  Along the Newi-boulevard, St. Petersburg’s longest street, you can explore the most beautiful sights the city has to offer. Many of them are UNESCO World Heritages, such as the Grand Palace and Park in Peterhof, where the tsarist family partly used to live. You should also not miss a short drive to Puschkin, a little town outside of St.Petersburg, where beautiful Catherine Palace with its famous Amber room awaits you. St. Petersburg is also known for its splendid cathedrals. Saint Isaac’s cathedral, Smolny cathedral, the church of resurrection, and much more beauties are paradise for photographers.