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    Haman Scandinavia AS consists of two departments – our fit department in Oslo and our group department in Stockholm.

    Discover our teamOur History
Anna Alshammar

Head of Department

I am Swedish from Stockholm and although I lived here all my life, I’m passionate about this city that has so much to offer! In the summer I love doing gardening, kayaking and barbecuing with friends and family and in winter going cross-country skiing. Other favourite destinations are the islands of Gotland, Öland and Lofoten! The fantastic nature can be experienced both summer and winter. I speak fluent Swedish and English and basic Spanish, Italian and French.


Florian Herbst

Sales and Marketing Manager

It’s been almost seven years since I completed my apprenticeship in Germany, packed my back bag and took off for Stockholm – a trip that left me changed forever. Although I call Stockholm home, my heart beats for Copenhagen. Did you check out their amazing bicycle infrastructure and did you taste their yummy Smørrebrød? That’s heaven to me! Talking about cycling- I can’t be without my fixed-gear bicycle (fixie) which takes me up and down all the hills here in Stockholm and it comes as no surprise that I love to travel the Nordic countries by bicycle.
Stockholm’s untouched outer archipelago – just a two-hours ferry ride from the buzzing urban jungle – became my personal paradise. This is the perfect place for you to discover your passion for kayaking. Grab a kayak, pack your tent, bring along a well-chosen bottle of wine and choose your own paradise out of more than 24 000 islands!
I speak German, Swedish and English.

Franziska Müller

Sales and Operations Consultant

I discovered my love for Scandinavia back in 2005 when I went to Trondheim as an exchange student. After that I never really got away from Norway and lived there over several periods in my life, before I randomly ended up in Stockholm in 2016. Since I am Norwegian at heart, my favourite parts of Scandinavia are the Lofoten with their stunning contrast of high mountains and white, sandy beaches as well as the impressive Norwegian fjord region with the famous Geirangerfjord. But I can of course always recommend a visit in my second hometown Oslo! Besides my mother tongue German I speak English, Norwegian and Swedish.


Mirjam Karlsson

Sales and Operations Consultant

Originally from Sweden, I truly discovered my love for my home country after spending some years abroad. Nowadays I call Stockholm home, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the countryside where I have my roots. My favorite way to explore a place is by foot – whether strolling the streets of a bustling city or hiking through beautiful Nordic landscapes. I speak Swedish, English and German.


Nina Tadsen

Sales and Operations Consultant

I discovered my passion for travelling the Nordic countries while living in Iceland, and the multifaceted volcano island at the edge of Europe always takes a special place in my heart. I enjoy hiking in the unique nature and let myself be inspired by local art. Originally from Germany, I speak German, English, Swedish and Icelandic. I live in Stockholm since 2017.

Ulrika Stålberg

Sales Consultant

As representative for Haman Group in Germany for 17 years I have the privilege to work with my homeland Sweden and all other beautiful countries up in the north. I have been living in Germany for almost 30 years and I am also German citizen, speak Swedish, German and English.  I am very fond of the south of Scandinavia and my favourite town is Copenhagen very much due to its cosy atmosphere.


Anette Karlsson 

CEO of Haman Group

Nationality : Swedish
Languages : English, Swedish, Norwegian and German
In Scandinavia : since birth, living now in both Sweden and Norway
About Scandinavia and its people : I appreciate the friendliness of the people and their true interest in peace. It is not a coincidence that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Norway
Recommendations : the spectacular fjords, the Lofoten islands and Stockholm – Europe’s most beautiful capital


Haman Scandinavia is part of the HAMAN GROUP AS. There are 57 employees in the HAMAN GROUP, all spread out in 5 different offices (Oslo, Stockholm, Tromsø, Vaasa and Cologne). It is composed of 4 sister companies: Haman Scandinavia, Authentic Scandinavia and Cities+Tours.
Here is our story:

  • 1964 - The adventure begins

    Foundation of Haman Scandinavia, incoming tour operator based in Stockholm, by Kurt Hahmann. He was one of the first persons offering packaged tours for bus companies to Scandinavia and especially to the North Cape. Haman Scandinavia was also one of the first travel organizers to use computers.

  • 1999 – Foundation of International Travel Group

    Kurt Hahmann retires and decides to sell Haman Scandinavia to Norwegian Per Omar Johanson. The latter/He created the International Travel Group (ITG) that subsequently bought Euro Terra Nova and ETON Travel who were united in one single office in Oslo operating under the name Euro Terra Nova. It’s in December 1999 that Franck Vogt joins the Euro Terra Nova team as sales manager. At the same time Anette Karlsson joins Haman Scandinavia in Stockholm as general manager. Haman Scandinavia and Euro Terra Nova, both still being part of ITG, are managed by Ivar Villa and Paul Anders Ramm.

  • 2005 – Birth of the group Haman Group AS

    Anette Karlsson buys Haman Scandinavia and Euro Terra Nova from ITG. She then creates HAMAN GROUP composed of Euro Terra Nova becoming TERRA NOVA SCANDINAVIA, incoming tour operator and specialist for Scandinavia with base in Oslo in Norway, and of HAMAN SCANDINAVIA with base in Stockholm in Sweden.

  • Today

    Today HAMAN GROUP has grown and matured and has become one of the leaders in tourism within Scandinavia. HAMAN GROUP counts approximately 57 employees in five different offices (Oslo, Stockholm, Tromsø, Vaasa and Cologne) working for the four companies: TERRA NOVA SCANDINAVIA, HAMAN SCANDINAVIA, AUTHENTIC SCANDINAVIA and CITIES+TOURS.