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About us FIT – Haman Scandinavia
  • Haman Scandinavia FIT

    Haman Scandinavia AS consists of two departments – our FIT department in Oslo and our group department in Stockholm.

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Michelle Smith

Head of Department

Originally from sunny South Africa but moved to Oslo in 2007 having been swept of her feet by her Norwegian Viking. Michelle absolutely loves living in Norway. She thinks Norway is a great place for families but also a dramatic country with much to explore from mountains to fjords, authentic cuisine to Nordic culture. With winter and summer being completely different she likes that each season has its own appeal. Michelle speaks English and Norwegian and has a good understanding of Afrikaans.

Jana Bohn

Manager FIT

Orginally from Germany, Jana has lived in Norway since 2010. She spent five years in Oslo before moving up north to Tromsø. Jana likes the Scandinavian lifestyle which allows you to have good work /  life balance. When not working she recommends spending time in the stunning nature. Climbing a mountain in your lunch break really is not that far fetched. Jana speaks German, English, and Norwegian.

Séverine Lacroix

Manager FIT

Séverine dreamt she could live in a big city without having to endure noise and pollution. She pictured a city-dweller and yet being able to enjoy calm retreat anytime. When she moved to Oslo this dream came true. Standing between the fjord and the forest, Oslo is the perfect place to live according to Séverine who is orginally from France. She started at Haman Scandinavian in 2012 and today works mainly with FIT requests and is responsible for all Strategic Promotions. Séverine speaks French, English and Norwegian.

Quentin Dessant

Sales & Operations Consultant

Quentin is from a small village in the south of France. He moved to Norway in the beginning of 2018. One of the things Quentin appreciates the most in Norway is the quality of life. As a keen runner he enjoys the outdoor life. He likes that you can go up to the mountains in 15 minutes from central Oslo or take the boat to the islands during summer. His favourite part of Norway is Lofoten Islands. Quentin also really likes the friendliness of the Norwegian people and is learning Norwegian. He speaks French, English and Spanish.

Claudia Tanzhaus

Sales & Operations Consultant

Claudia who is German and fell in love with Norway during her semester in Lillehammer in 2014. At the end of 2016 she moved to Oslo to finish her bachelor thesis, and decided she did not want to leave the city again. She loves the Scandinavian way of living, where a of time is spent outdoors. Claudia loves the possibilites of skiing in winter, and being outdoor in the nature during all seasons. Her mother tongue is German and she is fluent in English. She has also picked up Norweigan which she now speaks fluently and can also understand Dutch.

Marta Aizpurua

Sales & Operations Consultant

Marta is from San Sebastian in the Spanish Basque region. She first came time to Norway in January 2010 when she did her university exchange in Lillehammer. Marta has been travelling all around the globe for seven years after that university exchange and is a true travelling expert. In January 2018 she finally settled down south-east of Oslo. That the city and the nature are very well connected is one of the things Marta likes the most as well as those beautifully cold but sunny days. Marta speaks Basque and Spanish as her mother tongue but also speaks English, Norwegian and can manage a little bit of French.

Natacha Müller

Sales & Operations Consultant

Natacha is from Interlaken, Switzerland and grew up surrounded by mountains and lakes. She moved to Oslo and joined the Haman FIT Team in November 2019. After working the skies as a flight attendant for three years, she decided it was time to settle down and share her travel expertise with others. Oslo was the perfect choice – you can ski in winter, hike in summer and take a stroll through the city along the stunning Oslo fjord whenever you feel like it. Natacha speaks German, English, French, Spanish and a little Italian. Of course, learning Norwegian is now on top of her to-do list.

Julia Leiter

Sales & Operations Consultant

Julia started as an intern with Haman FIT in August 2019 and is now a permanent member of the team. She is from Hamburg in Germany and also speaks English, Spanish and a bit of Swedish as well as French. She fell in love with Norway during a Roadtrip in summer 2018 and instantly felt at ease when we were driving through the terrific nature. That was when she decided that she has to come back as soon as she can. Julia likes the progressive way of thinking and acting, the calmness of the Norwegians and the Northern Lights. On top of her Scandinavian travel list are the Lofoten.

Nela Ajdukovic Meha

Sales & Operations Consultant

Nela is from Serbia and moved to Norway with her husband in September 2019. Her favourite thing about Oslo is having the possibility of living in a urban city with many fashion shops, bars and restaurants and at the same time having a magnificent nature just around the corner. She’s in love with Oslo’s fresh air and is amazed by people and their active life in one step with nature. Nela speaks fluent Serbian and English and has a good understanding of Norwegian. On her travel list are Norway in a Nutshell, the beautiful train journey from Oslo to Bergen, and the Lofoten. She would also love to learn how to ski!

Elisa Redaelli


Elisa is from Lugano, Switzerland and started her internship for Haman FIT in February 2020. She will support us for about six months before she’ll go back to Switzerland in August 2020. She’s a real language talent – Italian, French, English, a little German and basic Spanish and Russian are all in her repertoire. She’s hoping to pick up some Norwegian during her time in Oslo. Elisa doesn’t only love travelling the world, but also absolutely loves animals and spends a lot of her free time with her dog. She also enjoys photography and spending time with her friends. Her goal in life is to do something that makes people happy – so what’s better than to plan unforgettable trips for them?

Sushil Gaur

Representative in India

“Learning to travel, traveling to learn” is the driving maxim that dictates Sushil’s personal passion and choice of profession. He believes that traveling to new places opens our mind, sweeps away the prejudices that we have for foreign cultures, makes us more insignificant and enhances our horizon. Born and brought up in the foothills of Himalayas (Uttarakhand, India) his experiences in the Norwegian landscape screams home to him. Sushil speaks English, Hindi and Garhwali and is based in Gurgaon, India.

Anette Karlsson 

CEO of Haman Group

Nationality : Swedish
Languages : English, Swedish, Norwegian and German
In Scandinavia : since birth, living now in both Sweden and Norway
About Scandinavia and its people : I appreciate the friendliness of the people and their true interest in peace. It is not a coincidence that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Norway
Recommendations : the spectacular fjords, the Lofoten islands and Stockholm – Europe’s most beautiful capital.


Haman Scandinavia is part of the HAMAN GROUP AS. There are 57 employees in the HAMAN GROUP, all spread out in 5 different offices (Oslo, Stockholm, Tromsø, Vaasa and Cologne). It is composed of 4 sister companies: Haman Scandinavia, Authentic Scandinavia and Cities+Tours.
Here is our story:

  • 1964 - The adventure begins

    Foundation of Haman Scandinavia, incoming tour operator based in Stockholm, by Kurt Hahmann. He was one of the first persons offering packaged tours for bus companies to Scandinavia and especially to the North Cape. Haman Scandinavia was also one of the first travel organizers to use computers.

  • 1999 – Foundation of International Travel Group

    Kurt Hahmann retires and decides to sell Haman Scandinavia to Norwegian Per Omar Johanson. The latter/He created the International Travel Group (ITG) that subsequently bought Euro Terra Nova and ETON Travel who were united in one single office in Oslo operating under the name Euro Terra Nova. It’s in December 1999 that Franck Vogt joins the Euro Terra Nova team as sales manager. At the same time Anette Karlsson joins Haman Scandinavia in Stockholm as general manager. Haman Scandinavia and Euro Terra Nova, both still being part of ITG, are managed by Ivar Villa and Paul Anders Ramm.

  • 2005 – Birth of the group Haman Group AS

    Anette Karlsson buys Haman Scandinavia and Euro Terra Nova from ITG. She then creates HAMAN GROUP composed of Euro Terra Nova becoming TERRA NOVA SCANDINAVIA, incoming tour operator and specialist for Scandinavia with base in Oslo in Norway, and of HAMAN SCANDINAVIA with base in Stockholm in Sweden.

  • Today

    Today HAMAN GROUP has grown and matured and has become one of the leaders in tourism within Scandinavia. HAMAN GROUP counts approximately 57 employees in five different offices (Oslo, Stockholm, Tromsø, Vaasa and Cologne) working for the four companies: TERRA NOVA SCANDINAVIA, HAMAN SCANDINAVIA, AUTHENTIC SCANDINAVIA and CITIES+TOURS.